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Eco-friendly Tricks at Home

January 30th, 2024


As residents of Santa Barbara, embracing the outdoors and appreciating natural beauty is part of our everyday lives. Miles of uninterrupted coastlines, world-renowned hiking, and best-in-class produce are at our fingertips year-round. In order to protect our quality of life for years to come, it’s essential to care for our environment. Though that goal can seem daunting at times, there are simple changes we can make to our everyday routines and habits that can have an enormous positive impact in the long term.

Say “no” to single-use plastic

Single-use plastic is one of the most harmful and common types of waste, but it’s also one of the most avoidable! Disposable plastic water bottles can easily be replaced with filtered water pitchers and dishwasher-safe bottles. Durable glass containers come in a variety of sizes to upgrade your plastic snack and sandwich bags. And, of course, reusable tote bags are the perfect replacement for plastic shopping bags while browsing at one of our farmer’s markets or local boutiques.

Embrace e-mail

Hard copies of paper bills, receipts, and mail are hard to keep track of and also contribute to waste. Opting to receive paperless communication from utility providers, financial institutions, and even friends lessens paper usage and also instantly organizes things in your inbox.

Lean on old linens

It’s easy to reach for paper towels when cleaning up around the house, but it doesn’t take long for that waste to add up. Instead of buying more disposable rolls, go through the linen closet and see if there are any beach towels, wash clothes, or bedding that could stand to be retired. Not only do these repurposed linens get a second life, they’re reusable!

Improve insulation

Santa Barbara is known for our year-round sunshine and perfect weather, but it’s still important to make sure your home is as energy-efficient as possible when it comes to heating and cooling. Effective insulation is the first line of defense in controlling the climate in your home. Blackout shades, functioning ducts, and sealed windows and doors are a few simple ways to keep your energy bill down and the value of your home up.

Grow a green thumb

Surrounded by native flowers and towering palm trees, we know that local greenery is beautiful, but it’s also important! Plants convert our CO2 into O2, creating cleaner air for all. Whether it’s a small potted plant indoors, exterior landscaping, or even a backyard garden, growing green friends at home is a great way to improve local quality of life.

We are so lucky to call Santa Barbara our home, and those near and far are taking note! 

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