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Girls Inc.

Being that we are an all women team, we love dedicating our time to Girls Inc. of Santa Barbara. The mission statement "to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold" is something we all believe in at Marsha Kotlyar Estate Group.

"Girls Inc. is a vigorous advocate for all girls, and recognizes that girls today continue to experience the impact of the past and continuing discrimination on the basis of gender. Because gender biases continue to play a pivotal role in shaping girls' prospects and expectations, it is necessary to provide them with the learning opportunities and activities that break traditional patterns, foster leadership and build self-confidence. Girls Inc strongly believes that the unique needs of girls can be most effectively addressed in an all-girl environment, where girls are encouraged to take risks, acquire skills, gain confidence, become self-reliant and practice leadership, fostering their development into self-assured, educated, independent women, and responsible members of the community." -

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Girls Inc.

Angels Foster Care of Santa Barbara

Marsha is an avid contributor to the Angels Foster Care of Santa Barbara. Currently on the fundraising committee, Marsha has been supporting this philanthropy for many years and is passionate about the wonderful work that Angles Foster Care does. Founded in 2006, Angels Foster Care has placed over 200 infant and toddlers in loving and healthy homes.

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The Charitable Foundation

On the Board of The Charitable Foundation, Patrice has donated much of her time to support the Santa Barbara Community. The foundation provides grants to local organizations that promote health, education, community, and the environment.

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Storyteller Childrens Center

The Marsha Kotlyar Real Estate Group provides ongoing support to Santa Barbara's Storyteller. Storyteller Children’s Center provides childhood education for homeless and at-risk children, as well as support for their families.

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Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse

CADA strives to create a healthier and safer community, by preventing and treating alcoholism and drug abuse in Santa Barbara. Marsha has made ongoing contributions, as well as donating her time as a mentor to a young at-risk child within their prestigious Fighting Back School-Based Mentoring program.

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Current and Past Charities